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Twitter Chat Recap: Women in Tech

Last week, a handful of SweetIQ’s team members hopped on Twitter to discuss tech, leadership and equality for our monthly #SweetIQChat. We’ve been championing the importance of tech equality for a while now, and you may have read our features on our leaders Emilie, Lindsay and Liz. We’re committed to keeping the conversation going, and here’s just a few of the insights SweetIQ’s women covered during our Q&A.

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There’s plenty of buzz around the role of women in tech right now. What do we need to add to the conversation?

Liz: I think we need to add more men to our conversation! Creating alliances instead of divides!

Erika: We need to amplify diverse voices of women in tech! Intersectionality is important.

How do you deal with diversity as a minority in the tech field?

Emilie: By building alliances! It’s the key.

Celine: I make sure people know I’m not any less of a developer because I’m a woman.

Name one person you look up to, and why they’re inspiring.

Erika: I’m inspired by @lonewolfshe’s new project @untouchdmag, a lifestyle mag for women in tech. Great interviews and advice.

Kelsea: My sister has always been a fierce advocate for me. It’s not a competition— raising up any woman raises us all.

What’s one piece of advice you have for anyone entering the tech field?

Celine: From a developer with imposter syndrome, stop doubting yourself, you’re as good as anyone else.

Kelsea: In the words of Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

What’s something you’ve done to push the needle in your community?

Erika: I volunteer with @learningcode, a non-profit to teach women coding skills. I recently mentored a 75 yr old woman!

Liz: I kept finding my place at the table & in the conversations. Show women they have a place, and give them room to grow.

Are there online communities you go to for support and guidance?

Erika:  In MTL there’s a Slack group for women in tech – a great local resource started by @cassierheaume

Emilie: Of course! Follow @womeninproduct and @LeanInOrg. Super resourceful groups.

How do you explain the importance of key diversity to key stakeholders in your company?

Liz:  Oof, this one can be tough! Let them know what is happening and get them involved ASAP. Most need to see it to believe it.

Raisa: Sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper into our own organization to figure out what is going on.  

Are you seeing the women in tech movement extend to other fields?

Erika: I’m seeing the women in tech movement expand to women in STEM, which is great. We need more women in all tech fiends.

Colleen: Yes — I study journalism, and gender diversity in the newsroom is a major focus of research and discourse analysis.

What’s the greatest success of the Women in Tech movement so far?

Laura: The fact that I work with so many amazing #WomeninTech is already a great success! Let’s keep moving forward.

Liz: I take all of it as a win. When I am expected at the table instead of having to fight for a spot.

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