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Understanding Keywords for Local Business

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A blinking cursor and a search box have the ability to make or break a local business today.

Choosing the right keywords can make the difference between a lineup of eager customers at your checkout counter or an ‘out of business sign’ on your front door. The key is capturing a user’s local intent to purchase.

Capturing a user at the right moment means appearing in local searches towards the very end of the buyer journey. These searches will always contain action words that give you a clear indication the user is close to making the decision to purchase versus simply browsing.

Knowing that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying is key to properly expose your products to those potential buyers. In order for businesses to dominate local search listings, understanding the different search terms matched with intent is essential.

Local Search and Purchasing Intent

Searches that occur late in the buyer journey will always include keywords such as:

  • Buy
  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Near me

These are referred to as having purchasing intent. Phrases will vary based on the business vertical and will always convey an immediate need from the user. For example, an auto dealer should target phrases such as “get a quote” or “used truck for sale” while a dentist’s office should focus on ranking for keywords like “available appointments” or “emergency root canal”.

Geomodifiers and Long Tail Keywords

A geomodifier (a city, state, zip code, or terms like “near me”) matched with a keyword, for example “used truck for sale Brooklyn”, is a much more targeted search that is more likely to convert. These phrases are most commonly referred to as long tail keywords, which include a minimum of three words and by default become more specific. Short tail keywords will include a maximum of two search terms and are generally too broad for an optimal ranking opportunity. A business will have a higher success rate including as much targeted information as possible and going the long tail route.

Keyword Tools

So how does a business find the appropriate keywords suited for their specified vertical? The interwebs are chock full of online tools available to anyone. Some of the most popular tools on the market include :

Implementing a successful targeted keyword strategy does not happen overnight. Identifying the search terms your customers are searching with will improve your overall ranking, click through rate, and most importantly your bottom line.

To make sure your customers are finding your businesses online, create your Local Marketing Strategy.

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