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Directories Insights

Dive into conversion data on the biggest search sites consumers are using to find you, so you can start attributing searches to sales.

  • Google My Business:

    See how many action clicks — such as clicks to your website or your phone number — keyword and organic searches, number of views your listing is generating, and where your traffic is coming from.

  • Facebook:

    See how many clicks-to-website your page is getting, who your key demographics are, and how your paid and organic campaigns are performing.

  • Foursquare:

    Learn about the people leaving “tips”, and when they’re likely to come visit you.

  • Bing:

    See how many views your listings are generating and optimize accordingly.

  • Yelp:

    If you are a Yelp customer, you can access your analytics from the SweetIQ Hub so you can track impressions, clicks, calls, directions, reviews, etc.

Online-to-Offline Conversions

Gain insight into how online searches are leading to offline sales. Track conversions that occur at each stage of your sales funnel, from the first time consumers see your listing to the moment a transaction occurs in store.


Start Harvesting Insights

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