Transforming data analytics into actionable insights.

Dive into conversion data on the biggest search sites consumers are using to find you, so you can start attributing searches to sales.

Data analytics
Data Analytics SweetIQ

Build an Optimized Conversion Funnel

With the most accurate and perfect data in hand, you are able to connect the dots between online searches and offline purchases.

Directory Insights

Get a birdseye view of your listing’s performance with optimized data analytics pulled from major directories like GMB, Foursquare, Bing, Facebook and Yelp.

Launch Data Driven Campaigns

Make better-informed decisions and launch highly targeted campaigns that reach your potential consumers where and when it matters most for them. Create branding moments based on the data our Smart Network provides.

Yelp and SweetIQ partner to bring you the best local data.

Yelp SweetIQ
The SweetIQ Hub now has the ability to access and crunch analytics from the Yelp platform to offer aggregated insights — a feature exclusive to our platform. Grasp a deeper understanding of the impact your Yelp campaigns have across your entire brand or zoom in on a per location basis.

Data Analytics

  • Google My Business: See how many action clicks — such as clicks to your website or your phone number — keyword and organic searches, number of views your listing is generating, and where your traffic is coming from.
  • Facebook: See how many clicks-to-website your page is getting, who your key demographics are, and how your paid and organic campaigns are performing.
  • Foursquare: Learn about the people leaving “tips”, and when they’re likely to come visit you.
  • Bing: See how many views your listings are generating and optimize accordingly.
  • Yelp: If you are a Yelp customer, you can access your analytics from the SweetIQ Hub so you can track impressions, clicks, calls, directions, reviews, etc.

The Sweetiq Ultimate Guide To Local Data

We have compiled the most useful ways to use data coming from Foursquare, Bing, Facebook and Google My Business, to increase online-to-offline conversions and optimize your Local Marketing strategy.

Insights for Retailers