Location CMS

Rely on our enterprise-grade location CMS to manage all your location content from your hours of operation to latitude & longitude, all from one central place.

location content management system

Manage your local content from a central location in three easy steps:

  • Upload all of your information for each location directly on the SweetIQ dashboard, from phone numbers to opening hours.

  • Syndicate to all your outlets: You enter the data, we push it to all your directories.

  • Optimize based on local data: We give you reports with insights from our Local Experts so you can make corrections or manage specific locations.

Need to upload in bulk? No problem. We take the weight off your shoulders by getting all of your local data and syndicating it to your selected directories. Make bulk upload easier for your developers with the SweetIQ Location Loader: an open source code project that your developers can copy and configure to create an application that periodically pushes your location data to SweetIQ over an API.

The Location Loader requires minimal upfront effort, but maximum benefits for you. Your data stays current across all systems in SweetIQ’s database, and you cut out an unnecessary step by removing the middleman user.
For Developers:
Github Location Loader Python
Github Location Loader Node

We cover all of your locations with increased accuracy and make sure the format is optimized for SEO rankings.

Transfer the responsibility to us, right now.

Let SweetIQ’s Local Experts take your listings' load off your back.

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