One centralized enterprise-grade solution for multi-location businesses.

Listings are the foundation of any local marketing plan. Get the full view of your listings coverage across the most important directories, and syndicate your location content in real-time.

Listing Management SweetIQ

Build a quality listings presence

We start by auditing the current state of your listings and cleaning them up while optimizing them to match the required format for each directory. With automatic verification of your locations on Google my Business there are no more complex processes. No more long delays.

Own it, don’t rent it

You never have to worry about the work we do for you disappearing. Rest easy knowing we create verified, legitimate listings that you own — not rent — from day one.

Smart Listings

Our Local Experts continuously review your listings and optimize them based on performance. If a directory isn’t contributing to your overall presence we’ll swap it out for a better option at no cost.

Duplicates Management

Identify and flag duplicates directly from the SweetIQ Hub. Our local experts will then deploy corrective measures according to each directory’s regulations, and our Smart Network will adjust your local presence appropriately.

Keyword Tracking

Our keyword monitoring solution evaluates local and organic website ranking. Zoom in on individual location performance or expand your focus to see how your brand is performing at a higher level in both organic or local searches. Go deeper into the data to uncover average keyword trends and identify your most searched terms, cities or locations.

Listings Management Keywords SweetIQ

The Marketer's Pocket Guide To Local Listings Management

Learn about the 3 biggest Local Listings problems marketers face, and how to solve them.

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