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Launch customizable store locator pages on your website that fit your look and feel, that are SEO-friendly, mobile-optimized, and designed for today’s techy consumer.

store locator

Powered by the latest technology and 100% integrated with the data you see on the SweetIQ dashboard, we optimize your store locator data so when crawlers from big search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing visit your site, they  validate and rank your listings accordingly.

  • Your customized store locator page is built to represent your brand’s look and feel, and tailored according to your industry and location.

  • A cutting-edge technological solution backed by the attentive eye of our Local Experts, so you can dedicate your time to strategizing and increasing your ROI.

  • Better organic and local ranking  and an “official” source of reference for search engine crawlers to validate your listings against possible duplicates.

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