Monitor, manage, and respond to every review in one single dashboard.

SweetIQ’s comprehensive review solutions helps you get a five-star online reputation. Respond to reviewers, get real-time data on the performance of each location, and automated updates.

Review Monitoring

Monitoring every review from all major directories is no easy task. That’s why we provide a watchful eye on activity from every location, and provide you with the updates that matter.

Review Responding

From our Local Experts "best-practices" guidance to responding to multiple review sites from one centralized place, we offer expertise and convenience.

Increase Review Volume

90% of consumers consider online reviews on their path to purchase. Our custom-built Review Solicitation tool helps generate reviews with landing pages, plus email and in-store campaigns.

70.5M Reviews Found

Our crawler has discovered 70.5M reviews associated to our clients’ listings.
Reviews are a key element to your brand’s online identity. Get high ratings, better rankings, and valuable business-to-consumer engagement.

Review Monitoring

Whether you’re tracking reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business or Bing, our review monitoring system is built to fit your schedule: we’ll update you instantaneously, weekly, or once a month (the choice is yours). Our analytics show you what locations are garnering a five-star reputation as well as your average overall, so you can implement intelligent solutions.

Review Responding

Respond to reviewers from the SweetIQ platform, or go direct to the review site with the click of a button. Our Local Experts will advise you on the best review response tactics, and offer you guidance throughout the process.

Review Solicitation

90% of consumers consider online reviews before making a purchase. If your business doesn’t have many reviews, our custom-built Review Solicitation Tool will help you get more. We’ll build customized landing pages, spearhead email campaigns, or set up in-store review stations to get the word out about your brand.

SweetIQ’s Guide to Review Solicitation

Download our guide to learn about innovative ways your brand can encourage consumers to leave reviews, on the search and discovery sites that matter most to your business.