Launch Snapchat Geofilter campaigns and start driving ready-to-buy consumers to your front door by creating geofences around your locations.

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Snapchat SweetIQ

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Snapchat SweetIQ
As an official Snapchat Partner, SweetIQ gives you the opportunity to engage with Snapchatters while they walk around your locations. Target and nurture a younger demographic with high local intent and a big purchasing power when and where they are near your locations.

Create more user-generated content around your locations, while targeting Snapchat's ready-to-buy audience.

Build campaigns for all or select locations with targeted messaging to drive customers to your locations.

Strengthen your brand presence with branded Geofilters and influence how customers interact with your locations.

Compare the data we provide for your listings, reviews and keywords, with the data you generate with your Snapchat campaigns to make more strategic, targeted decisions to optimize your local marketing.

Reach the Millennial and Generation Z audience and engage with one of the biggest emerging consumers group, with a high buying power and purchase intention.

Give a boost to your Local mobile strategy and interact with consumers at the times and places that are most relevant to them.

60%+ U.S. 13 -34 year old smartphone users are Snapchatters.

That means both Millennials and Generation Z are the main target audience, and with a combined spending power of $400+ Million - you better be engaging with them.
(Also, Generation Z prefers brick and mortar to online shopping. BINGO!)

Increase In-store Traffic With Snapchat Geofilters

The power of Snapchat for retailers is becoming clearer by the day. Users spend an average of 25-30 minutes every day using the app while on the go. A great opportunity for brands to engage with the Snapchat user base while they are on their buying journeys.

Discover how to use Snapchat to drive more consumers to your locations with our free eBook: “Increase In-store Traffic With Snapchat Geofilters”.

Want to learn how to launch your Snapchat Geofilter Campaign and how it can help increase your foot traffic?

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