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Facebook has changed the way we interact with each other forever. It’s an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family, but it is also a huge driver of Social Proof (what makes social media work as an influencer on potential customers) and drives consumer engagement with brands. However, what goes frequently unnoticed about Facebook is its capability to promote discovery, allow for user generated content to thrive, and become a driving force for customers to visit your locations.

The Social Media giant has become omnipresent at key stages of the buyer journey. It has even built directory functionalities with its Business Pages, driving for business-generated content and user reviews. In 2016 alone, Facebook reported over one million store visits per day in 100,000 locations.

Multi-location businesses who have taken their customer journey in hand, are promoting their brands, selling products, and highlighting sales and discounts directly in the platform.


Facebook for Local?


Facebook is taking some big steps toward building more robust Local Marketing functionalities by improving local pages and local awareness ads. When the world’s largest social network is offering you tools to drive traffic to your locations– you should take it seriously.

All too often we come across companies neglecting their local presence on Facebook since they see it as just a social media channel. But they are wrong: Facebook acts as a search engine with social capabilities that other giants like Google or Bing just can’t match. If your presence on the platform is not well established, you’ll find yourself struggling to take advantage of existing and upcoming features that are designed to drive more customers to your locations.

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75% of local businesses actively use Facebook for Marketing

In 2016 alone, Facebook reported over one million store visits per day in 100,000 locations


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